What is your next move?  Your company offers a valuable product or service that clients desire, but you lack either the time or the internal talent to tighten up the business aspects of your operation and achieve the profitability you desire. We can provide key insights and identify an effective strategy that will help make your business more profitable and purposeful.

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Lecture Excerpt, D. Rudofsky “Making Realistic Business Projections”

Financial Planning & Analysis

Even organizations with a very capable bookkeeper or controller may lack the internal resources to do valuable financial planning and analysis. Read more >>

Cost Management

Clients are surprised to hear that every dollar of cost savings typically provides the same profit boost as three dollars of new sales. In our experience, companies that focus on cost improvement before a cash flow crisis have the time and bandwidth to improve profits significantly.

QuickBooks Consulting

Many small and mid-sized businesses are not making optimal use of their bookkeeping and accounting data to gain insights about product costs, and business leverage areas. As a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and consultant with decades of business experience, I have the skills to help you make transformative changes to these practices.

Strategic Planning

An organization with a well-thought-out strategic plan is an organization with clear objectives, and a commitment to achieving those objectives. The nature of your company’s objectives and your track record for achieving them is important to your investors, customers and employees.

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

It is hard for your organization to deliver top financial results if employees don’t fully understand the financial implications of the decisions they make. And, it is hard for your organization to improve its gross profit margin, return on assets, or free cash flow, if key employees don’t know how to work with an income statement, balance sheet or cash flow statement.

Competitive Analysis

One key to maximum success is knowing your competition. Yet many businesses don’t seem to know everything they should about their competitors. Read more >>